8 things found in the skyship rocket pack.

  1. I would take an ancient wish stone made from the hot lava that came from the core of the earth but ONLY use it if I’ m in mortal danger  and also used to blast the dragons out of air.
  2. A parachute in case  of a surprising crash landing in any biome.   
  3. Dragon food which consists of beef, pork and greens so if I throw the food off the skyship they will go away from the sky ship.
  4. 3 books: one on dragon protection, second skyship user manual and last of all, defence against wild animals.
  5. An air mattress so if the ship explodes ( which is highly unlikely) I put air in it, drop it then jump off it hoping I land on it.
  6. Last but not least  I would take a  laser  induced  plasma sword to protect me  and my crew mates. 
  7.  A camo jacket so I can be warm and camouflaged against threats.
  8. A whole big box of food.


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