A sky ship explorer’s rucksack

  1. A trusty, helpful Golden Retriever which shape-shifts into anything you could dream of. However, it affects its foes because whenever it barks it makes them deaf.
  2. A mystical map. If I wanted to go anywhere I would wish for it to teleport me speedily there when I said “please send me to this distant place”.
  3. A bottle of healing water. When you drink one single refreshing drop it instantly heals you so that you feel like a mighty God.
  4. I would take a small tent to act as a cosy shelter. When you go inside this magical, terrific tent it is like the size of a house with several amazing rooms. One would include a bulky, bouncy triple bunkbed.
  5. I would bring a small silk bag that you could fit in whatever you desired, but it would still not be full.

One Response to “A sky ship explorer’s rucksack”

  1. Some fab ideas! I like that you said “golden retriever” of just dog. Perhaps you could experiment with some more alliteration next time?

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