I would take…

A luxurious levitating potion straight from the depths of the pacific ocean, guarded by a three-headed hammerhead shark to escape powerful poisoned arrows.

A never ending scrumptious supply of cucumber to keep up my energy so i can fight the most greedy of giants.

My little brother that always bothers me to use as bait for the wildest of wizards.

A magical moral map that always convinces me to take the right turn.

All of my fiery friends to help me in the most stressful situations.

Nightshade to ride on through the strongest soldiers and speed through the armies of archers.

A cool crossbow that shoots poisonous arrows and one-shots any enemies in my reach.

One Response to “I would take…”

  1. How did you think of these ideas?
    I liked the first line the most because of how descriptive it is and it gives a lot of detail.
    Mabye next time you could try and end it in a more poetic way.

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