Look Inside My Magical Backpack And You Will Find

Look Inside My Magical Backpack And You Will Find


Fairy rainbow dust that gives me rainbow, iridescent, delicate wings to transport me aboard the Sky ship. It helps me fly through the wondrous and vast skies.

Magic scaled rope that rises from my magic backpack, like a slithering snake to wrap around and capture any trespasser.

A powerful pen that when you draw the outline of anything you will instantly receive it. Food and water supplies, anything at the whirl of the pen tip.

A blinding torch that when you look through the other end you can scan through walls and see where an evil goblin maybe hiding the lost treasure.

A radiant, red ruby that pulses and glows when danger is approaching, to be prepared for battle.

A magnificent, invisible map to show me paths to the ends of the earth and enables me to go anywhere I want, but only I can see it.

A silky, soft healthy cream that can heal any wound and cure any disease. It smells like heavenly, fresh apple blossoms.

Royal ring gifted by Queen Tiger Lilly of Neverland, that can camouflage me into any environment.

A crystal dagger that can pierce any warriors armour and destroy even the coldest hearts.

A majestic, magical key that is made from silver stone that can open even the most protected of locks.

A small pouch sown from precious petals picked from the most beautiful flowers. Inside it contains wondrous, wild animals made from emerald, pearl and sapphire. That when I whisper their names they come to life.



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