Seven things found in an adventurous explorers backpack:

– A jar full of remarkable bright ideas, so when my mind is lost, it will guide me on my way.

– My teeny-weeny, vibrant, scarlet red pet dragonfly with courage as great as a lions ferocious roar.

– A sturdy, strong cooker that looks like a typical, average book, to cook my tasty snack in a flash.

– The magical, explorational atlas, with the click of my fingers and jump 1…2…3… will transport me to anywhere I want to be.

– Various costumes, awaiting their use, to conceal my identity, so when things are risky I can escape my nemesis.

– Camouflaged rock, with all sorts of wonderful uses, with a call of his name he will launch in the air and be my guard, my protect and my shield.

– With a sprinkle of sparkly magic dust and a puff of smoke my pet dragonfly will enlarge to a gigantic size and circumnavigate me around the dazzling sky.

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