Skyship Adventure

I would take a book, to navigate the way I go.

I would take a crystal-clear bag, that has endless storage.

I would bring some entertainment, a book, a phone, and a TV.

I would take a teardrop of an enchanted dragon, to scare away fears.

I would take my lucky charm, that will make me brave and strong.

I would take a magical picnic basket, so that you can just say what you want to and get it.

I would take my parents’ voice, so I know that they are still there to help me.

I would take a goblins stare and capture it in a jar.

I would take a red ruby, to scare away mythical enemies that i saw in my dreams.

One Response to “Skyship Adventure”

  1. I love this! Great use of aliteration (crystal-clear).

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