A Sky-Ship Explorer’s Survival Kit

Lauren S EPPSA

I would take a furry-lined, grey coat that would forever stay warm so I will never be cold when the ice-cold wind blows.

I would take a magical, transparent potion, which is actually a powerful blast, that could defeat any mint-blue dragon with its evil eyes .

I would take a cushion that when you sit on it you get every wound healed .

I would take an enchanted clock, so I can time travel anywhere at anytime .

I would take a golden unicorn horn that could indicate people from far away that I need help by   shooting a rainbow when touched .

I would take a golden unicorn horn, like a beacon, which signals to people from far away that I need help by shooting a rainbow flare when touched.

I would take a glistening pearl necklace that, when worn, gives you energy and courage but can only been worn three times.u

I would take a tape measure that when pulled high or low, you will become that height so you can fit through miniature spaces or to become taller so you can see over the horizon.

I would take a leather-bound book so that when you ask it for food or water it will give you whatever type of food that your heart desires.

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