A Skyship Adventure

On my skyship adventure I will carry a pair of velvety seven league slippers to teleport me away in an instant,

I want to take a jar of enchanted, shimmering sapphires to light my way when the moon is hidden away, smothered in clouds,

I shall take a bottle of medicine to protect me from the poisonous venom of the lilac spotted toadstools,

I will take a folded wish to give me courage when I am in grave danger facing an enormous dragon,

I will carry with me a chest full of an infinite food supply to feed me on my journey,

And most importantly, I will take an invisibility cloak to conceal me in the shadows, allowing me to enter forbidden places without detection.

3 Responses to “A Skyship Adventure”

  1. You sound well prepared for the adventures ahead Chloe, I especially like the description of your final item.

  2. I loved reading your poem, Chloe. Well done for really thinking about why you would need each item.

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