I Would Bring

A horse whisperer’s invisibility cloak that turns transparent when you fling it on in case you run into trouble with a troll having a tantrum.

A bucket of glittering, gold magic dust so that if you get lost in a fairyland forest, you can follow your trail back.

A dragon dispenser, to fight off even the most serious attackers so that if you are in trouble you can get a pet dragon to fight the attacker off

A small rocket that you can put in your pocket and when you say “rocket pocket” it will blast me to wherever I wish.

Small fake dragon toys so if they try to eat you you can throw it over in the other direction to get them away.

A massive box of which you can make your wishes and put bad memories in there to forget and then go back to them if you want

Stashes of sweets, food and water to keep you alive and living.

One Response to “I Would Bring”

  1. You have created some wonderful images Georgie, I especially like the idea of a dragon dispenser!

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