I Would Take With Me

 I would take with me: 


Magical fairy bubbles with blues, pinks and purples, spluttering out the back of my ship, to guide me back to where I started my journey. 


Enchanted seed bombs, which explode into shrubs, sprouting up haphazardly, to poison the unforgiving sky demons. 


Black, rusted cannons loaded up with balloons, full of violet smoke, that when you fire, they explode into the Lava Dragon’s face. 


A giant daisy, with creamy flavoured petals which, when you pluck one, will give you energy to defeat the whole dragon army.  


 Rowena Ravenclaw’s Bracelet, that when the wearer slips it onto their arm, has the power to turn things into silver, with just one touch. 


A giant’s favourite mink hair slippers, so that when they get shoved on, can make one step 100 miles long. 


A Saber – tooth tiger’s fang, to ram into the toughest of ice, in case there is a path blocked by a wall of frozen water. 



One Response to “I Would Take With Me”

  1. Super descriptive work Freya, I love the idea of the poisonous seed bombs!

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