Inside of my skyship rucksack

A demanding bolt of lightning trapped in a translucent bottle, powering the energy core of the skyship.

Harry Potters’ invisibility cloak, to disguise myself from skyship raiding aliens.

An ancient locating atlas, tracking nearby animals, displaying their footprints for me to hunt my supper.

An infant ruby dragon, to soar to high places where I can’t reach.

My magical expanding tent, my accommodation Tardis.

A tree-bark coloured, multiplying satchel, this amazing invention lets you put sweets in, and get double back.

A dusty, ripped, but life-like teddy, when squished it makes you feel on top of the world.

Pebble coloured, protective armour, staying forever clean for the length of time aboard the skyship.

A starfish like sago palm, regenerating human limbs for reattachment after battle.

A fiery sword, crafted from the centre of Earth, capable of slaughtering of any unwanted beasts.

An unattackable, crooked stick, whenever it is held, it claims the attention of those in the crowded skyship.

A well-used brassy coin, when tossed it transports you to the place you feel loved.

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