Nature Dragon

Its eyes,

Inky – green blobs that nestle in their hollowed out eye sockets.

Its skin,

Emerald bumps like mossy bark, damp from a rainy day out in the cold.

Its jaws,

Bulging jaws clamped tight only loosening when its ready to eat.

Its teeth,

Huge cavity filled teeth ready to be embedded in its earthy treat. Bumpy giant slug for a tongue wriggling out only when it spots its daily feast.

Its scales,

Mermaid like scales glinting olive in the moonlit cast.

Its spine,

Its bony spine, like the click clack of castanets when it strides.

Its wings,

Paper like, spread with gentle vines with ivy and winter berries.

Its talons,

Long dangerous talons curving over prey covered in a sticky substance dirtying the rest of its body.

3 Responses to “Nature Dragon”

  1. You had great fun writing this, Freya! Well done for editing some of your ideas carefully after reading it aloud. I particularly enjoyed the sound of the dragon’s spine being like the ‘click-clack of castanets’.

  2. An exciting poem indeed, I like the way you have crafted it with a phrase and then a description, well done.

  3. Dear Freya,

    I love your poem; you have included some really wonderful images. Your description of the wings really resonated with me.

    Well done!

    Mrs. Hinks

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