Sky-Ship Equipment

George O S EPPSA

A silvery, light fabric, which is made from an indestructible cotton, that can fold up as a origami swan.

The sulphur-yellow shock powder, which can electrocute your oblivious enemies.

A silent moth companion, who sends the most secret of messages and is as fast as a jumbo jet.

A mythical crossbow that has a permanent engraving of forgotten names; it doesn’t matter if you miss as you will always hit the dangerous, deadly monsters.

My lavender-coloured cloak gives off a scent of aromatic lilac to give you the best of nights to help conserve energy.

The gold-plated compass was passed down from legendary travellers, which pulls you away from danger.

This unknown carrot grants the power of seeing through walls.

A majestic wind-horn that could summon the most mighty warriors to fight beside you.

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