The Box of Mysterious Mysteries

The Box of Mysterious Mysteries


A parachute made of silk from a black widow’s web, which has an auto-deploy function, and is as strong as rope so it won’t tear

A golden compass, which will always point you in the right direction, that you stole from a genie’s bottle.

A never-ending water source, that you can always carry with you, in a circular flask made of a mythical dragons scales that are indestructible, and the only thing that can break it is Kryptonite.

A golden ring of teleportation made with the magical elements from Aladdin’s rug, that only has three uses but teleports you anywhere within 150 miles in any direction.

A sword enchanted with spells: the further you go, the more spells you unlock, which you stole from a dragon slayer in a forest one misty night.

A magic bottle of medicine, made of a giant’s snot, that only has three uses, but can heal any kind of wound or disease.

An invisible heat-detective drone that can detect any movement at all, so you will never run into danger but is extremely fragile and can be broken with a newborn goblin.

A cosy blanket that can cure your tiredness in seconds when you’re under it, but is easily tearable; it is made from a phoenix’s feathers which you had to risk your life to obtain from an enraged phoenix.

A meeseek’s box which can summon Mr Meeseeks, who does anything you instruct him to and completes it with no effort at all. It only has 4 uses; however, if used really badly, the 4th use will turn against you.

A special cup of scalding hot British tea, made with specks of lava, stolen from the Queen of England, that can burn through any material in all of the universe with ease.

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