what i would take on a sky ship adventer

On a sky ship I would go to


If I were on a sky ship, I would take these 7 things.


I would take:

. Mercury’s sandals imbedded with diamonds and the reddest ruby’s on earth to Gide me to Olympus

. the whitest feather from Pegasus to keep me safe when battling the terrible blood thirsty ogres.

. the food had from Zan that if you waved your hand over it, the food you were thinking of would magically appear inside it.

. Pluto’s invisibility helm that helped defeat the Titans, in case of verry scary mobs.

. the little snow-white bear I had since I was 1 that helps keep the nightmares away.

. the special scarf my grandma gave me so I can always be with her at all time.


3 Responses to “what i would take on a sky ship adventer”

  1. An imaginative theme Florence, well done. Just remember to start your title with a capital letter next time.

  2. Some lovely descriptions, Florence. I especially liked the thoughtful idea of bringing your Grandma’s scarf. Well done!

  3. Dear Florence,

    You have some lovely ideas and you have developed your theme successfully. The contrast of your Grandma’s scarf at the end is effective.

    Well done,

    Mrs. H

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