What you Need to put in an Explorer’s Rucksack

A beautiful peacock from the sky castle in the clouds to light my way if I get lost with its golden feathers.

A silver diamond encrusted sword so I can slay even the most immortal gunpowder dragons.

A never-ending biscuit packet that gives you magical chewy digestives and comes in different shapes such as ovals, squares and hearts.

A baby dragon that has fiery breath and daggerlike  claws so I can win any battle with the sky trolls.

An immortal tray of fire that burns into the evil faces of sky goblins so I can hot-foot it out of there.

A  flask of phoenix tears so I can mend any wound and has the added bonus of if I drink I will become immortal.

A pair of ground melting shoes so I can disappear into the ground and get away from devils. Also I will be able to float up to the surface again.

And last but not least, a bag of never ending sweets.

One Response to “What you Need to put in an Explorer’s Rucksack”

  1. Wonderful images Alice, I love the idea of the phoenix tears and the baby dragon with dagger-like claws, well done.

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