11 things a Witch or Wizard would have in their luggage

  1. Their magical, mystic, paranormal wand to protect them from danger, only in the worst cases.
  2. Potions that they can do anything with.
  3. Their loyal pet to keep them accompanied while traveling.
  4. A Brussel sprout that will grow into anything you wish, but you can only use it 3 times.
  5. Ever-lasting food that once you eat it, will respawn into its original form.
  6. Their robes that in the cold can increase 5x its size to keep them from freezing.
  7. An Owl so that they can send messages to their friends, family and more.
  8. A book that when you read it, comes to life.
  9. A fairy that can
  10. A spell book so that they can cast and learn new spells, and can use a spell to bring light when it gets dark.
  11. A shield and an invisibility cloak to protect them from the dark spirits.
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