In my backpack, for my adventure to the forest, I would take…


  1. Lots of enchanted books, so I could cast magic spells to help in bad situations. 


  1. A totem of undying, if skygoblings attack.


  1. A cape to glide above the forest so I can see from above.


  1. A bow and arrow to protect myself from giant, charmed dragons, that live in the rocky, gloomy caves.


  1. A shrink ray to make myself and my backpack smaller, so I can hide from beasts.


  1. A pick axe for when I need to dig my way out of a landslide.


  1. A rope to climb down the mountains. 


  1. Pearls that can make me teleport wherever they land.


  1. Lanterns to mark my way because I get lost ALOT. 
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