My 8 thing I would pack



I would pack a wizard’s wand to cast spells only for good use.


I would bring a pot of a dragon’s breath to light a roaring fire!


I would bring a charmed potion for serious situations if they arise.


I would bring a stack of tasty meat to feed to the ravenous wolves.


I would bring a spotty dice to play monopoly with the bats.

I would bring a lot of juicy fruit to give to the hungry bat so they don’t hurt me.


I would bring pasta sauce to squirt in the sassy witches’ face.


I would bring a tissue to wipe the witches’ face.


I would bring a sorry card for the witches to say I am very sorry for squirting pasta sauce in their face.

One Response to “My 8 thing I would pack”

  1. Excellent descriptive list Lola. You have used some great alliterations.

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