my sky ship adventure

I would take a magic light that can blind people and kill the bad guys. 

I would take a massive ,terrifying dinosaur so it can attack people 

 That tries to defeat me.

I would take a torturing torch to see in the dark and it can badly blind people.

I would take some water and some food with me  because I might get thirsty 

Or hungry.

I would take some powers with me to fly.

I would take a fast person with me so he can run really fast like sonic.

I would take some of my favourite food with me soI can eat them all.

I would take my favourite game among us with  me so I don’t get bored on my journey on the skyship. 

I would take  a magic pen that can make me wright really fast.

I would take a TNT with me so I can blow up all the monsters.

I Would take a shimmering shoe that can freeze people.

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