My wizardry sky ship adventure poem

My wizardry sky ship adventure poem


I would take an enchanted basilisk fang that doesn’t break and is full of poison to stab or throw at enemies when under attack.

I would take the elder-wand to curse any being or thing that tries to stop the ship or get in our way, so we can continue to our destination.

I would take some leather-bound series titled ‘The Elder Wand’ by Albus Dumbldore, ‘Basilisk Controller’ by Tom Riddle and ‘Airborn’ by Harry Potter.

I would take an invisibility cloak to not be seen when in attack and boarding enemy ships.

I would take a screw driver that can hack into any computer, body or device to see what they or it is doing.

I would take the resurrection stone for an elixir of life for me and my crew.

I would take a 16th century compass with voice recognition that will detect danger, find the sky ship port and more.

I would take Forks the phoenix for healing crew, flying the crew if the ship goes down and paining enemies with its song.



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  1. it is a beautiful poem

  2. Good work will very creative

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