Skyship Adventure

Sky Ship Adventure by Jazmine.


I would take a flyable unicorn, so I could fly from any danger super fast back to the sky ship.

I would take a potion that lets me breathe underwater so I can find all the lost treasure and mermaid castles.

I would take a magical book that shows me all the fantastic places to visit wherever I’m at that time.

I would take a weapon to protect me. It would be a bow and arrow which is accurate and gives a spell of sleepiness to whoever I shoot.

I would take a small drawstring bag full with pixie dust, for emergencies to get the skyship to fly quickly when in dangerous situations.

I would take a Mary Poppins bag ,which holds clothes. For winter coldness, rain wetness.  For the summer heat and chilly evenings, cosy pjs and boots,trainers, shoes flip flops,flippers and swimming costume, all in a small compact bag with my whole wardrobe full of clothes, majority of them have unicorns on them.

I would take a pair of magical boots that when I walk leave a rainbow that only I can see and able to walk on to find my way back to the skyship.

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