Candy Unicorns

Candy Unicorns

Candy unicorns are a small type of creature, which has the most high pitched screeching voice that you could ever imagine and have eyes that can hypnotize humans! Candy unicorns are very rare creatures that only unicornologists saw, using a microscope! Most people have a strong disbelief in the existence of these unicorns so we wanted to prove it by making a guide all about candy unicorns so everyone can  believe that unicorns are actually real. So make sure you read our latest discovery!

Have you ever wondered where candy unicorns are located? Well, keep on reading! Paradoxically, these fascinating creatures live in unrevealed candy and sweets that only candy unicorns know about but not other humans or animals. Generally, these mesmerizing unicorns also live in cocoa beans in forests. Their secret base, which has tiny candy furniture, was unearthed and the base was the size of a child’s hand!

Do you ponder what they look like? Then don’t worry because we are going to tell you! Every candy unicorn has salmon pink hair, tail and hooves. Surprisingly, candy unicorns have their favourite colours on the bottom of their eye! Unicorn scientists are still looking for the evidence which may take a long time. Beware, because when their eyes gaze at you,  they seem so  pitiful and make you just want to really keep looking because it is so cute; then before you know it, you could get hypnotized and turned into chocolate fudge, a delicious treat  for them to eat. Furthermore, If their eyes are closed (generally when they are sleeping), then it is safe to look at them but you better not stay near it for too long as they could wake up at any moment. One of our unicornologists once looked at one candy unicorn and he got hypnotized straight away and basically died as a chocolate fudge meal. 


Unicornologists and unicorn scientists believe that these unicorns have special abilities or powers because of their size and eyes. This is an important discovery so we want to find out more with a lot more people. If you see one, it is best to tell people so the fascinating news can spread. Let’s keep these creatures safe before they go extinct by not eating those rare sweets, which could get popular one day, because you could be eating a candy unicorn! If you are not sure, then read this guide again until you understand.

By Ariela

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