As Alex slept peacefully after a long night of keeping a look out with James curled up behind her, captain Steve kept a look out as they where approaching Dragon Island. Unexpectedly Steve blew the danger horn ” dragons are attacking!” he shouted over the karaoke machine, but still Alex slept so James clawed her  back and she immediately woke up. ” Set up the defense shield” she bellowed over the the racket of dragon roars. ” There are all the species of dragons accept water for some reason are on the ship”  the Captain shouted once again over the microphone. ” scare them away and then put the shield up” called the deputy captain. So he nodded and went up to top deck. Finally the shield went up and the were safe but the shield only held of animals and not weather.


Soon after a hail storm rolled in and that when they saw the water dragon. They hid in a storm cloud but a water dragon found them and hit them a acid blast.

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