The Red Dragon Curse


The Dragon Curse, by Alice, St Anne’s Primary

I was finally holding the map to the mystic mountains to find the tremendous treasure that needs to be found before sky pirates come to take it. Legend says that guarding the treasure is a devious demon like dragon and that if you do not defeat her, she will curse you with the red dragon curse. I started to go into some misty fog unexpectedly a red mist started to appear and then I saw the devious, demon dragon, the legends must be true! I was so scared I did not know what to do. But I remembered in my sky ship backpack there was a dragon crystal that can absorb any type of dragon. The dragon crystal was luminous, iridescent that glistened in the moon light. As the dragon was absorbed it was safe to go through and collect that treasure before them pesky pirates did. But did this mean I stopped the curse? 




2 Responses to “The Red Dragon Curse”

  1. I like this story opening, as it had great alliteration. Where do the dragons go when they are absorbed by the crystal?

  2. From harryD SQP
    1. I like the vocabulary.
    2. Can you try and get a semi colon

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