The sky ship

Sky ship

When you go on a sky ship, its like being on an airplane, looking out the window at the baby  blue sky. The only difference is on a plane you don’t find cupboards full of armour, shields and metallic swords, you find lots of seats and a cabin crew. My name is jack and I’m going to tell you what its like to go on a sky ship.

You like to go on holiday for the summer or any other  season. When you jump in the pool or go on the water slides. Or would you enjoy placing iron cheplates on yourself and getting prepared to fight deadly sky goblins that smirk like devils at you.

On the sky ship there’s cannons shooting poison at the enemies. There’s a fire breathing dragon, guarding the ship fearlessly as its commitment. In the underground base there’s piles of enchanted books, lazer guns, ancient maps, ink and parchment paper.

Suddenly I saw an emerald coloured dragon but it wasn’t our dragon it was the goblins dragon. The alarm in the sky ship went off and everybody went into the base to get there lazer guns and put here armour on and then got ready to fight. We finally launched the cannons and the poision elxploded in mid air whilst the goblins sky ship was doging our traps They finally cams over to our ship and we started to fight.

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