The star ship

You’ve probably been on an airship but have u been on a star ship ? When the moon rises and the sun sets the star ship begins , it fly’s all over the world like a cat chasing a hopeless pigeon till it gets to the roof of an building. The ship has been controlled by many famous people that have few to the moon and back. It has a tint of bright red windows shaped like a circle and has a dark black body . The ship has been crushed by 1000s of silly aliens thinking it’s a toy rocket.

Kylie  grabbed onto the hand rails her knuckles turning white and her hands turning bright pink . Kylie  and her friend Tom tried to discover the ship but something glowing white creature was ahead of them. Kylie  nervously stepped backwards as she saw the hands of this mysterious creature. It popped its head out of this little hole getting closer , and closer , and closer until it was 1cm away from them, they both sprinted out of the door, up the magic staircase and back into bed. They never went to discover the ship again.

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