The two children and their skyship:

Jasmine and Maisie set sail on their fearless sky ship. In a blink of an eye, Buxton was just a tiny dot lay there calmly. After a while, the ship started to rock, they ran over to the steering wheel to make sure they didn’t tip. Jasmine shook Maisie’s shoulder and said ” What’s that, over there in the distance?” There was a dark flying figure coming towards them!!! ” Could it be a sky dragon? ” Maisie exclaimed. As it got closer they could faintly see the outline and yes it sure was a sky dragon…  Just then, Jasmine realised that it was the time of day they get hungry. She warned Maisie, They both grabbed the uncooked turkey  ( which was going to be tonight’s dinner ) and threw it over to the sky dragon, but that wasn’t enough they both got hold of the steering wheel to dodge themselves out of the way. They both screamed “Yay!!!!!” when it had passed but what they did not realise was that there was a whole herd of sky dragons out there and that was just the captain….

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