Toy Pegasus by Yaashana S TJS

If you are lucky to encounter on of these truly magical creatures you can identify them by their rainbow hooves. This colourful Pegasi have a multi-coloured body, turquoise mane and tail and last of all a crystal horn. Pink eyes lie  in the plush blanket of their head and 2 scarlet ears protrude from the tops of their silky skin. Gold sequins adorn this already magnificent creature.

These majestic animals can only be found in a lonely child’s playroom. They can also be found hidden in the depths of a child’s bed. They especially like this kind of habitat as it is relaxing for the to be around the things they love most, toys.

Many people love  Toy Pegasi as they can conjure up any toy a child wants. For example, if you want a hatchimal all you have to say is ‘Please can I have a hatchimal?’ Another amazing power only these creatures have is the ability to be able to shrink to whatever size they choose. This is so that parents don’t shoo them of of their homes. With this power Toy Pegasi can look like a toy unicorn and then change back into a real unicorn!

Majority of Toy Pegasi eat sweets and chocolate. This is so that their bodies can charge up after playing with their companion. If you do want to feed a Toy Pegasi, you should let the sniff the sweets, for example fizzy cola bottles then let them munch away to their heart’s desire. However, if they do not accept the sweets, you will know this if they don’t eat the sweets, you should not force them as it will lead to having a telling off from head of  Toy Pegasi approval David Mitchell.


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