Ben and Dotty’s Skyship Adventure


I bet you have enjoyed leaning over the deck and not feeling sick! You can ride across the black sea and it will only take a short 5 minutes, whilst looking at the oasis you can enjoy a nice cool margarita, served by a penguin butler, wearing a bow tie!  

Remember the happiness that you feel when you’re, sailing across the green satin fields, and spotting your house perched on a high up hill. It’s so great when the captain allows you to steer, you have so much fun, peering around and deciding where to go, ITS AMAZING!!!  But you should also try a skyship ride when the storms start to form, and the thunder starts to buzz, and your ship is abandoned in the lonely wind of the dragons. You may not believe this, but I’m warning you now, that this is true….that sky trolls are real. They sneak around the clouds and wait for you to leave, then they steal the pixie dust from the back of your ship. This is when the sky ship adventure isn’t so fun… 

When the fire dragons come, that is a different problem, when they breathe their fiery breath on your ship, oh, just thinking about it makes me shiver, if you don’t believe me then you will some day find out for yourself. 

Some say that they’ve even seen those pesky gargoyles who guard the cloud palace, and I don’t really believe them, but there is a chance, a good chance. You probably won’t believe this, but I have spotted the sky gremlins, lurching across to punch their mate- the sky gremlins don’t really like each other, it has to be said.  

Ben stared at the ship in disbelief. Wait a second, you’re telling me that this boat flies? 

“Yes” the captain replied faintly.

“Anyou’re going to take me and Dotty on an adventure?

“Actually, No.”  

Ben was looking confused, though Dotty was looking excited, “Oh please, can we borrow your boat, oh please, oh please!” 

Well of course you can, as long as you remember this, you need to stop of at the palace in the sky, you need pixie dust to carry on your journey. 

 “Oh boy, now he’s making up fairy castles, who is this guy?” Ben muttered to himself.  

 But it was too late. Dotty had already started up the engine and was about to fly off!  

“Wait!” Shouted Ben “I’m coming as well”, So Ben shimmied up the ladder and they set off into the sky. 

Ben and Dotty were peacefully zooming round the clouds. Ben had clung onto the railings, but it was easy to see that Dotty was enjoying the trip, because she was clutching onto the steering wheel with great glee.  She was ignoring Ben, who was leaning over the deck. (Long story short, Ben gets quite seasick.) Suddenly, there was a slight grumble, not too loud, but just the right amount to want to start crying. What Dotty and Ben didn’t realise though, was that lightning was cracking behind them, and they were cornered by a storm, and the unknown! 

 “What was that?” quivered Ben, 

” I have no idea” shuddered Dotty, “But let’s not worry, we are nearly at the palace of the skies, and if we don’t make it, we will land in Newquay you know, I am sure mother will be there.”  

The Deck started to crack, and an almighty thwack! hit them heavily like dynamite. Dotty and Ben fell to the bottom deck. Were they all right? Well, we will have to find out. 

A stone gargoyle landed on the ship miraculously, and picked up Dotty and Ben, “What do we do now?” Asked Dotty.  

“well, there is a stone creature on the captains air ship, and it looks like it’s about to eat us, so, LETS PANIC!” 

But there was no use saying that, because Dotty had already gone unconscious! All Ben could do now was shake and turn, until the gargoyle put him down and flew away! 

“That was very odd!” Exclaimed Ben, “Why did he put us down?” 

“Huh?” asked Dotty, who had just awoken. 

“You must have passed out, I’m serious”, “I mean, YOU PASSED OUT!” 

They finally reached the palace in the sky and filled up the engine with their marvellous pixie dust. Then they turned around and followed the pixie dust trail, leading from the back of their ship, to the harbour. Once they got there, they steadily ended the trip with a splutter from the ship and parked it in Falmouth car park (there were quite a few odd looks!) and went to talk to the captain.  

All the captains did was stare at the ruined ship, mumbling to himself. 

“We know it looks bad, but we can fix it easy peasy!” reassured Dotty 

“It isn’t that!” shouted the captain, a bit louder than he needed to. “You kids are lucky you got out alive, that is the work of a true blooded gargoyle!” 

4 Responses to “Ben and Dotty’s Skyship Adventure”

  1. Well done Freya, you have written an exciting opening to your story and I think the idea of gargoyles living in the clouds is very imaginative. I’m glad I don’t live in Falmouth though, in case one is still on the ship…!

  2. You really enjoyed writing this, Freya, and you worked so hard on it. Well done and thank you for the image of the penguin butlers wearing bowties and serving margaritas!

  3. I think this is an amazing piece of writing. The punctuation is perfect and the choice of words is great!! I can’t think of a single way for you to improve it! But I do have a question. How long did this take you? Well done, I think this is brilliant.

  4. They nice Freya amazing ideas

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