Daniel Skyship.

He saw the clouds form together above him.
He saw the golden sun leaving like it ceased to exist.
The night just began. There was a bit of shaking from time to time from the massive skyship. But it didn’t bother us at all. It turns out the shaking was a warning a big warning. The shaking started again but stronger, better. and not in a positive way. The captain told everyone to get the bottom layer of the skyships so no one would fall to there demise.
That was a bad idea too as now everyone was hitting there heads on the ship making the shaking stronger and stronger. The ship started to capsize john grasped the nearest thing that was connected to solid ground. So john thought he was done for but then with his weight and everyone’s else weight the Ship went back to normal.

One Response to “Daniel Skyship.”

  1. Super work Daniel I love the vocabulary you have used, ceased to exist and demise. I am wondering what caused the ship to shake so much? Always remember capital letters for names e.g. John.

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