Dragon Scar Island

She had arrived, strange noises greeted her. Sarah hopped off the Skyship and stumbled towards the caves.

Rumour has it that Dragon Scar Island has rippling roars of fierce dragons, but who knows if it’s true? Sarah found the gloomy, damp, cave, she peered her head round the cave and saw a scaly red, radiant dragon slurping a magical pearly, pink, potion.

All of a sudden the mystical, massive, maroon dragon made the ground shake as he emerged out of his falling, flint, fossil coloured cave.

She placed her ripped, cream and green bag on her tired shoulder and fell straight to the sand. “Why is this so heavy” she whispered, she looked up and saw the sunny sky that had gold speckles of glitter, cotton clouds roamed the sky.

But then, she heard a hurling hoot coming from the deep turquoise sea. A pearly horn was dug into the sand and crawled up to Sarah, it was a narwhal! It’s skin was smooth and his horn was sparkling in the sunlight, it opened my bag with its sharp blazing horn and took out a potion. The colour was grassy, green and he gulped it down.. “Oh no that’s a strong potion” cried Sarah, the narwhal began to get bigger and bigger!

“Ohhhhh noooo” she whined, the dragon stood there observing the terror. The narwhal made a large grunt and thirty bulging, bouncing, blue narwhals came up from the ocean. The dragon was so scared she ran as fast as a racing car into her cave.

Sarah had never seen or believed in dragons, until now. Usually Sarah enjoyed adventures,but not this one! 

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