Forever Eternity

Forever Eternity

Isobel H EPPSA

Story Opener

Paragraph 1

Waves of darkness ruled the sky. The sky ship Eternity crew, Amber, Hope and their faithful budgie Lucky, set their course knowing the dangers ahead of them and the possibility of being sucked in through an abyss, where only two other known explorers had managed to escape a dangerous world, known as ‘DRAGON WORLD’. The good thing was that Amber and Hope were excellent at navigating their way to other places and their cute budgie Lucky was there to mimic them so they didn’t forget anything. Hope and Amber were best friends who had known each other since primary school, and always managed to keep each other happy and safe. Their sky ship Eternity was made from ultra-light weight carbon fibre and was environmentally friendly, powered by solar panels and wind. The air flowed into tanks in the main base which stored the heat and air, to run the whole sky ship, producing the power to heat water and for cooking.

Paragraph 2

Along the journey, Hope spotted something in the distance, it looked like a swarm of bees gathering to attack. They came closer and closer, as the realisation struck them. They were now being pulled, the Eternity feeling the full force of what seemed like a Neodymium magnet. Amber and Hope both looked out,
“OH NO!” they both exclaimed. The physical energy of the storm left them no choice but to be sucked into this unseen force of coercion and threat. Everything became clear, they had just been sucked in by this epic storm and been thrown out into a mysterious place. A group of mystical creatures gathered and screeched to announce their arrival. With terrified thoughts there was only one place this could be: Dragon World! They knew from age-old stories that the only way out from this nightmare world was to wait for the next full moon and the alignment of the stars.

Paragraph 3

Hope and Amber had no choice but to consult their map. Their first thoughts were to find a location where they could hide from these beastly dragons. They navigated the Eternity to the nearest volcano, thinking if only they could hover just inside the mouth of it, they might just stand a chance of survival…

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