Magic Sky

The sparkling orange sun rose above the vivid blue sky. Rose sprang out of her bed. It was a beautiful day to go on the airship. Next door, Jake was feeling the same. The picturesque sight of daffodils painted the soft grassy ground a bright yellow. 

Across the road was Maddie. She felt as cheerful as the others, but unexpectedly, it wasn’t bright anymore outside. It swiftly changed to a stormy grey and a flamey lightning bolt licked the miserable sky. Coincidentally, all three of them got dressed quickly, went downstairs, and opened their front doors. Water trickled down their faces. Even though it turned like this, they were still determined to go on the air ship. They walked down the road speedily. They finally reached the airship. Rose was nervous. She has never been brave. Jake was good at fixing things very professionally, so if they ever broke down, they weren’t going to  stop. Maddie was very good at spotting things, so they could always see fascinating sights. 

They stepped on the airship, and started it. A couple of minutes later, they were high in the sky. The rain splattered on their faces. It was very unpleasant. Jake was controlling the ship very delicately. Rose was relaxing on the sofa and Maddie was looking out for unicorns.

Suddenly, there was a terrifying roar echoing in the distance. It sounded like dragons! There was fire coming towards their airship. Of course, Rose panicked. Maddie stopped her unicorn spotting and Jake turned the airship left. Suddenly, a dragon came forward, desperate to destroy the airship. It breathed fire strongly and roared horribly. The airship caught on fire! Jake had water installed though. So he poured it raging with fury about the dragons. Then, Maddie spotted a unicorn! She called the unicorn desperate for help. Amazingly the unicorn flew up, making a twinkling trail of pink stars. The dragons were scared, but could the unicorn get there in time? Jake needed to land fast so he could fix the ship. They plunged through the clouds and landed with a loud thump. Rose screamed and then there was silence.

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