Marcus and Buster’s adventure

It was a cold, dark gloomy night Marcus and his dog Buster was at the window of the flight deck Buster pressed his paws up against the window pane and peered out at the nights sky.
”What’s that Buster” he said out loud gazing across the sky a big silver spaceship hoovering.
Buster starred at his master Marcus in amazement.
Its shiny metal propellers spinning round and round causing wind to blow the grass down below the tree’s swaying side to side.
”Its coming up fast behind us”
It has weapons’ sticking out of it like it was ready for battle.
swords and spears gleaming in the light as the moonlight reflected of them.
Just then the dragonfly took off going faster in the sky chomping through the clouds and picking up speed.
She fired her weapons’ towards the dragonfly ship BANG as the weapons’ pelted at the ship denting the sides from force.
Marcus looked over at Buster and shouted “ITS COMING FOR US’
Buster let out a big bark of alarm wondering what was going on.
The gases pouring out into the clouds trailing behind the ship in the sky.
The dragonfly speeding as fast as lightening trying to escape the clutches of the loaded weapons’.
Marcus locked the wheel and gazed auto pilot threw opened the door of the cockpit buster right by his side the ship shaking.
Marcus told Buster that he should be the one to go as there was only room for one of them.
Buster said ”you should go your human I’m only mechanical”.
Marcus pulled out an envelope from his pocket and packed it into a pouch around Busters neck.
This is for kimmy Marcus explained to Buster.
Give this to my love Buster make sure she gets it Marcus ordered.
”OKAY I WILL SEE SHE GETS IT” barked Buster getting ready to leave.

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