Maya’s story

The airship blazing flight soared over the clouds, Maya enjoying the fresh breeze while the trip lasted. The clouds began to turn grey and then black. no one noticed but Maya. Then, Blazing flight was heading straight to a storm.  the captain’s eyes widened as the ship approached by storm clouds. Soon, the ship was surrounded by thunder as three sleek naughty thunder-clap dragons targeting the big balloon made from leather. The engine coughed and chugged from a huge strike of lightning. Maya was horrified at the sight of the ship losing altitude. The captain yelled “EMERGANCY LANDING! PREPARE FOR IMPACT!”. It made an unsafe landing as the sharp rocks popped the big Balloon. Maya found herself in a vast wasteland called no man’s land that was made of sharp rocks that looked like needles. No one ever dared to come here because of the horrible dangers that supposedly awaited and no one ever came back unchanged. And yet she crashed landed here.  

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