Medic Alicorn By Natasha

The Medic alicorn is a rare type of healing unicorn that is found in every country. Every weekend, Alicornologists gather on the highest cliffs and mountains to find out more about this wonderful creature. During recent lockdowns, there have less sightings of this magnificent alicorn. However not much is known about the medic alicorn.


The Medic alicorn has snow-white fur. Their fur is supposedly very soft, but no one has been close enough to feel their fur. The mane and tail will change colour when it is healing something. When it isn’t healing, they will be snow-white colour. When it is healing, it will be a snow-white colour which fades into a pale emerald colour. The horn is a gold which fades into a darker gold. It is 4 1/2 inches long. The wind is very similar to its main and tail when the wings are fully stretched it can be up to 5 feet long. The hooves are a crystal blue colour. There is a rumour saying that it is hard as graphene. This creature has excellent eyesight. It has light emerald eyes.


The medic alicorn lives in the clouds above every country. There have been sightings of Medic alicorn in the Amazon rainforest, in the Himalayas and underwater Coves. It is believed that the medic alicorn is friends with the water Pegasi, Forest unicorns, Cloud Pegasi and Mountain unicorns.


The Medic alicorn has an unusual diet. Their diet to consists of apples, banana leaves, seaweed and walnuts. Almost all of the time people have seen that eating leaves.

Life Cycle

The Medic alicorn does not give birth. Many people have witnessed the death of this wonderful creature. When they die, a new alicorn is born in the clouds. They are looked after by the Sky alicorn until they are five years old. Whilst they are living with the Sky alicorn, they learn how to heal, fly and use their horn.


The medic alicorn has amazing powers. It has ability to heal anything, unfortunately they are downsides as well. When they heal something, their mane tail and wings will fade into a pale emerald colour. The horn will start to shine. When they tao something, it will start the process of healing. Whilst they glow, they are being healed. The downside is that a bit of the unicorns life we will go. After it’s healed, there will be a red + on the object. Amazingly, when it flies everything under it will be blessed. Furthermore, when this creature bleeds. It produces a glittery-gold substance. Although it has the power to heal anything, it can also take life away. When threatened, it will turn into an albino horse.

The Medic alicorn is very rare, so if you are lucky it might give you some of its hoard. Their hoard is crystals of all types. If they like a certain human, they will give them a piece of its hoard. So keep an eye out, this might be you!

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