Did you ever want to fly in the wind, soar through the sky or glide in the clouds?

Tommy and Timmy did just that.

Tommy loved flying and so did Timmy,

but one day something terrible happened that changed their minds…

Timmy looked out of the porthole of the airship, Moonlight, in horror to see a sky goblin scratching Moonlight, with his overgrown claws.

In shock, he glanced at his brother as Tommy just showed a venus-berry to it and it glided away!

“You are amazing, bro!” said Timmy amazed by what a miracle his brother had made!

“Let’s fly to our shop and sell some sky goblin repel!” said Tommy in an excited voice “This will help people!”

They jumped out, let their fluffy, white wings spread and flew to their shop, which had just been newly renovated, Nook’s Cranny.

As they were flying, an enormous air dragon blew a strong wind and they disappeared.

They were never ever found again…

That’s why they hated flying.

Destiny H 4/2/2021

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