My dragon story

They were off, they were off on their fabulous journey to go explore the Mystical Mountains. Hailey came up from her room to go see the breath-taking view of the giant mountains. Then Out of the blue, she heard the balloon pop. She quickly climbed up the ladder to go see what happened. She saw a huge dark hole in the balloon holding the ship in the air.

She heard the wind moaning violently, trying to push her off the ladder. The sight of her Mother surprised her “How did this happen?” said Mrs Rend.
Hailey started to climb down the ladder. At that exact moment, she saw a massive, royal blue dragon fly right through the balloon.

Hailey screamed, the dragon wouldn’t stop hitting the ship. They were going to go down. Hailey went down to the storage room and took the emergency book, she flicked through the pages, trying to find the page with the exact dragon she just saw. She found the page and read the first paragraph she then grabbed the blue glitter and ran back up holding it tightly. She had to get to the dragon carefully and pour the glitter into it’s mouth. Then, the dragon flew under the ship she jumped, she was then on the dragon. The dragon went mad spinning and turning trying to throw Hailey off.

She then poured half the bottle of glitter into the beasts mouth with caution. Tightly gripping it’s scaily skin. Soon after, she realised she took the wrong glitter. She quickly jumped off the dragon onto the ship. The dragon thrashed through the ship, tearing it apart. She then knew, the ship was going down…

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