My Majestic Airship Suitcase

Rosie and Tom were in the airship heading towards Candyland. On the way to  Candyland, they spotted something. It looked big and red, had a long spikey tail and it was blowing fire out of its mouth. Rosie and Tom both knew what it was, it was a Dragon!

Seconds later, the beastly Dragon spotted the airship. Rosie and Tom were petrified as the Dragon started flying towards them. Tom quickly grabbed the suitcase. In the suitcase there was Dragon Juice, this makes a Dragon go to sleep. Rosie quickly opened the door of the airship, just as the Dragon was getting close. Tom waited for the Dragon to roar, saw his chance and threw the Dragon  Juice straight into its mouth. Straight away, the Dragon fell to the ground fast asleep.

Rosie and Tom, then went back to the suitcase, because inside was rainbow ice cream, stardust sandwiches and swirling teal slushes. They were both hungry and thirsty, so began to eat and drink.

When they were finished, they carried on with their journey heading down lollipop lane, they were finally safe.



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