My Skyship Adventure


You’ve probably been on a skyship when the sociable sky dolphins leap around the hull, chattering away. Remember how it feels to have the sun in your face and the wind in your hair as you stand watching from the crow’s nest. I bet you’ve enjoyed years of thrilling experiences on voyages of a lifetime.

But you should also try a voyage when thousands of acid bombs bombard the ship from the clouds, when the gabbled brutes soar past you realising they are none other than flying monkeys, that’s when they attack the ship.

And some say they have seen sky pirates with swords as sharp as bear traps, you probably won’t believe this but some say sky pirates could cut even the strongest of ropes.

My skyship Adventure.

“Come on James, we don’t want to be left behind. James where is Geo!?? Hurry and go to the ship, Geo and me will catch you up”.

“James it looks like the ship’s being attacked by sky pirates! Here’s Captain America’s shield fight them off with it and I’ll use Thor’s hammer”.

“Oh no they’ve just burst the balloon that’s holding us up. James go help the captain,” the captain said, “we are going to crash in a forest so brace for impact!”

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