My Skyship Adventure!

You’ve probably been on an airship, when the incessant squawk of seabirds fills your earswhen the dreamy sun puts on a smile and beams down at you, allowing warming happiness to spread from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, when the rain claws madly at the cabin window, until it finally reaches the point when it’s a steady heartbeat, thumping against the side of the airship, relaxing your tense body. 

Remember how you huddled in a corner of the ship, glaring fearfully at the side of the ship, when your brave kitten, Pan, snuggles into you, like a little furry hot water bottle that makes you feel just as brave as he does. 

I bet you’ve enjoyed the happiness of sitting on the warm wooden floor of the deck, gazing up at the bright blue sky… 

But you should also try standing on the humongous wing of the ship, staring, fixated, at the night sky, because you’ve seen something. What you could have seen…is something unknown to humankind, but there just could be a tiny chance, that something else is out there. 

When the wind whistles, and lightning punctuates the words of your crew members, and that, is when an airship ride, is not so fun. The calm wind turns into a tempestuous storm, and, the monsters strike. When the disappearances start, and the monsters attack, that’s when you must be careful, and by careful, I mean careful. You’ve got no idea what’s happening out there. 

 And some say they’ve seen things. Things that let out blood-curdling screeches at night, things that draw blood with no mercy.

Pan flinched. She opened her sky-blue eyes and blinked. Firstly, she simply lay there, wincing at the ceiling, when she felt something soft pat her foot! ‘What-Pixie, is that you, or is it Voo-doo? 

 Pan sat up and looked down her bed, thunder and lightning crashed about the sky, head-butting clouds and angrily flicking their long tails.  She shuddered. ‘I hate the rain,’ muttered Pan, peering under her duvet, ‘and it looks like you do, too Pixie.’ 

 Her little tabby kitten, Pixie, was crouched under her blanket, shaking madly, eyes wide in terror. ‘Meeoowwwrrrreee!’ she squealed at Pan. Pan picked her up, which was very easy to do as she was only as big as a child’s slipper and placed her on the windowsill. Pan stood up and stretched, then, suddenly, reality flooded back into her brain. ‘I’m on a skyship!’ 

 She sprang out of bed, accidently crashing into her cupboard, flung the door open, and ran out!

Pan perched on the edge of the ship, breathing in the warm refreshing air, and wondered when Ozzy would be there. ‘She must be nearly here,’ muttered Pan, staring hopefully around the deck, ‘she told me she’d meet me 5 minutes ago. I wonder what’s delayed her.’ she plopped onto a deck chair: THUMP! And gazed up at the  balloon. She stared up for a while when she noticed something, up on the balloon, there sat…….’OZZY?!’ The figure on the balloon spun around, almost toppling off it, fortunately, she found her balance. Then, Ozzy started waving madly, an expression of pure happiness spreading slowly across her face. ‘Pan-Pan! You are already here!’ she called as she started clambering down the balloon. ‘That doesn’t look extremely safe.’ squealed Pan. Ozzy shrugged, ‘Do I care? No. I don’t care what is dangerous and what is not, as long as it is fun, then that is fine by me. Anyway, come on, let’s look through the telescope.’  

   Pan and Ozzy were peacefully sitting on the edge of the ship, when: BOOM! CRASH! ‘SSSSSSSS!’ Everyone on the ship spun around to face the thundering sky. There was silence for a moment, before the whole crew were rushing inside! ‘Pan? hey, Pan?’ Pan turned round to see…. a girl dressed all in blue, with blue eyes. ‘Who are you?’ hissed Pan a little too loudly, ‘I have never seen you here before, and how do you know my name?’ Pan murmured. The girl stared at her for a moment before replying: ‘My name is Blue, and I want to tell you that your friend, Ozzy, is staying outside, I thought you ought to know.’ she breathed. Pan looked round, and, sure enough, standing on the deck, staring curiously into the tempestuous storm! ‘Thank you Blue.’ Pan called over her shoulder as she raced towards Ozzy. ‘SSSSSSSS.’ The menacing hiss floated down from the storm. 


4 Responses to “My Skyship Adventure!”

  1. Well done Georgie, for creating a detailed and interesting opening to your story. I can tell you enjoyed writing this didn’t you? My favourite line is when you describe ‘the lightening punctuating the speech of the crew members’ in your prelude.I look forward to finding out what happens next…

  2. Well done I really like your you some creative ideas Georgie well done

  3. Well done, Georgie. You have written a very exciting opening to your story. I especially liked the image of the thunder storm with the ‘head-butting clouds’ and the lightning ‘angrily flicking their long tails.’ I am looking forward to find out what happens next!

  4. Well done, Georgie. You are a good author.

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