My start to an amazing adventure

Neville and Angelina gripped the bars of the sky ship tight, so tight in fact that their hands turned white, Hanna noticed this and guided them below deck, no sooner had she done so than their balloon began to deflate. Hanna didn’t realise at first but she suddenly fell to the floor causing Angelina and a rather reluctant Neville to come and see if she was ok. Neville, feeling a bit ill,went to rest on the Bannister of the ship and almost fainted when he looked out to sea… they were on sea level!

He got the other two over not warning them what they would see and so when Angelina looked over the bars she ran in to her room below deck. The two children shared a dismayed look and Hanna told Neville to go and see Angelina whilst she tried to fix the problem, you didn’t have to tell him twice he shot down below deck and Hanna was left with a boat in the middle of nowhere.

First she had to find a way to direct the ship she went to the wheel and pushed it gently… the wheel still had control of the boat!! Next she had to figure out where to go she raced below deck and grabbed Angelina’s maps, once she had figured out where to go she came back to the top deck and on her way told her siblings that she needed them to help with the ship Angelina took some persuading but eventual she agreed to come up to the top deck.

Hanna left Angelina at the wheel and Neville plotting where to go next whilst she adjusted a few things to make the ship go faster. The next thing she needed to do was figure out what had caused the balloon to deflate and why. Was it an animal, Or a stow away? Or even faulty air pressure? Whatever it was she was going to find out!

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