You’ve probably been on an aeroplane, right? Well, this is similar, it’s just like a hot air balloon. The sun rays fall over you, the ground looks like a planet far away, the heat is exactly right in every spot, making it a perfect trip to anywhere you’d prefer to go. Remember how the sunrises and sunsets fall across the horizon, making the ship a perfect view for you to watch. Remember the gentle, cool air fall from above you as the quiet sails take you further away, every day. I bet you’ve enjoyed flying, moving to unknown places you’ve never seen, seeing peculiar things every direction. Maybe even flying to places you know, just to see it again, or to see loved ones. Relaxing on a boiling beach, on a sun bed, watching the ocean swish, or even a freezing cold cabin, a fire to keep you warm as you watch snow fall gently from the cold, grey sky.


But you should also try seeing the other side of it, a bumpy air ship, things not so nice trying to ATTACK in every direction, the sails are loud and unpleasant to hear as you sail through the sky uncomfortably. When the rain falls, heavying the boat, turning into hail, causing the sails to vibrate harshly, as though the hail is threatening to burst it. Thunder strike sounds feel dangerously close, almost warning it to leave, the holding mechanisms of the ropes are starting to shake furiously, though they’re about to come off, causing you to fall to the ground. That’s when the ship is not so stable, making it an unpleasant journey.


You probably won’t believe this bit, but some say that out in the dark corners of the sky, purple, small but powerful sky goblins slink about with their orange animals that the human has never heard or seen of, but almost double the size of them, waiting for visitors, eagerly they wait to attack with large boulder looking rocks, knowing it’ll tear them down. Some even say that they’ve seen wild sky beasts with a scaly tail, shaped like a crescent moon that moves like a whippet, sending your sky ship far into the distance, not to be seen again, as well as large triangular teeth to easily bite the ship, sending it tumbling faster than the boulders. Those are the beasts that lurk the fluffy, white clouds that look after the skies, luring people over, making them feel safer, even though it’s even more risky than the other ways, especially more dangerous.

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