Shadow fax the sky-ship

Shadow fax the Sky-ship.   Ben H Eppsa

You’ve probably been on a sky-ship which floats through the air at the height of summer. Remember how it feels to sunbathe on the deck, the warmth of the sun hitting your face. I bet you’ve enjoyed the peacefulness of gazing out at a cloud free sky whilst travelling to new and exciting places.

But you should also try flying on a sky-ship during ravaging storms, when the crackling bolts of lightning surround the balloon like they are angry at the crew. When the passengers are jostling each other to find places to take shelter. That’s when autumn travels can be frightening.

And some say they’ve seen phoenix’s with golden feathers soaring in the sky, waiting to cause chaos on an unsuspecting ship. You probably won’t believe this but some say there are legends that talk of fiersome dragons, hiding in the clouds waiting to attack the sky-ships.

The sky-ship was flying peacefully. Harry was gazing out at the sky, enjoying the calmness of the moment. Ed was looking through his binoculars at some dark clouds approaching. He was worried a storm was coming so he used a rope to swing down from the birds nest where he was standing.

Out of the blue, the wind picked up, pushing the storm clouds overhead. Ed saw glimpses of red and gold among the clouds. Suddenly a phoenix swooped down blowing fire towards the ship. Its golden feathers were glittering lika a pile of treasure and its wings were outstretched. The flames caught the ropes and started to burn.

Chaos and panic ensued. Guests were running and crying. Ed and Harry took cover in the galley. Harry, pale as a ghost, squeezed Eds hands tightly as the ship hurtled towards the ground. The emergency horn was sounding as the captain, a panda called David, regained some control and steered shadowfax away from the Mountain tops to land safely on the edge of a forest.


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