Sky ship adventure

Josh opened the doors and rushed to the top of the deck. His legs were aching as he climbed up. The sky ship lurched forwards making him stumble backwards, he looked over his shoulder to see his cousin Emma following him. They had made it to the top of the deck now. A few days ago they had left their small, quiet town on the top of the hill. They should have been passing over the waterfall by now, but the blizzard was too strong and had sent them the wrong way.


Out of the blue, space dragons struck! Josh saw seven dragons flying towards them at a tremendous speed. The dragons were shooting out fire balls which were heading straight towards the sky ship. Captain GaryIII ran to the wheel and swiftly turned the ship around heading straight for the opening in the blizzard.  


Suddenly, the ship smashed against something large, it was a golem dragon. The ship plummeted to the ground. The crew were falling towards the edge. Josh gripped the wheel as he was falling and turned the ship around, but he hadn’t saved the day yet. The golem dragon was following them, shooting rocks of fire at them. 


One of the fireballs hit, Captain GaryIII yelled “prepare to crash land!” They dropped down into the unknown. Josh And Emma looked up to see that the balloon was torn. The good thing was, they had lost the dragons

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