Sky ship journey

You’ve probably been on a sky ship with friendly rays of sunlight gleaming down on you, and the warmth of the heated deck beneath you. Remember how it feels to have the light breeze passing by and the hearing the natural sound of birds. Remember the beautiful view of the golden sand, the transparent sea and the tropical palm trees. I bet you’ve enjoyed meeting new friends, seeing different countries knowing that you will be able to discover new islands.


But you should also try a trip in the middle of February in storms of all sorts – having to check the side nets in the thrashing rain whilst excited that you’re having an adventure. When the hail stones drop like atomic bombs that have newly been formed and explode on the innocent ground below.


And some say they’ve seen sky goblins hammering down on sky ships whilst clinging onto raging lightning bolts. You probably won’t believe this but, many say they’ve seen orange and red flying beasts attacked half way through their journey.



Kieron fell out of his bunk, wondering why he was on the floor. In shock he put his tracksuit on and went to see what was going on. His leopard gecko, Isaac, popped out of his pocket and climbed up his sleeve onto Kieron’s shoulder with an expression on his face saying I’m hungry. With attitude, he reached to the other pocket, pulled out some animal biscuits and gave them to Isaac. They walked across the sky ships heated deck to the captains cabin, Captain Vex. Kieron didn’t want to be on the sky ship any longer; they had left Craina about 8 days ago. Captain Vex was busy figuring out where they were going so Kieron closed the door and went to make Captain Vex a coffee in the kitchen, then went back up to Captain Vex and put it next to him


Out of the blue they were attacked by dragons. “Dragons!” The crew shouted, streaming out from their cabins and reacting fast. Whilst the crew were attacking it gave Isaac enough time to form a massive fire ball from his mouth. Then, one of the dragons blew a hole in the balloon. Isaac swung the fire ball with his tail. BOOM! All the dragons were falling from the sky but they weren’t the only ones falling – the sky ship was falling as well. “Hold on tight!” Captain Vex shouted. He was steering the the ship into a flat land, whilst the crew were putting out the flames with buckets of water.


Two minutes later, The Marshall’s Rig dived down past the clouds, as air thrashed out of the balloon and the engines cancelled. Kieron and Isaac looked at the ground. Could this be there last moments?

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