“Welcome to the USA’s first sky ship called Maverick, it’s the best in the universe, today we will be travelling to Baslilka [Bas-lil-ka]!”Said Captain.
“But no one has ever travelled to Baslilka because there’s rumours that there’s dragons there. “Said Tracey stuttering.

“Nonsense, who said that eh? They not even been on the old mighty ship have they! Shouted Captain in his Scottish accent.

As the sky ship glided down into the dark horizon, the air was thick with choking fumes. It was hard to breathe and hard to see in the smoky black air.

They have stopped flying, dragons started incoming from the mountains catching fire to the wood of the ship but luckily the water dispensers cleared the fire. It was a disaster. But luckily they made it out safe.

“Oh my gosh I’m never going on that again!” Said Max.

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