Abruptly, Max was enjoying the ride but Mia was not.” This is is a miracle,” shouted Max.

“No it’s not, “exclaimed Mia.” There is a literal storm ahead of us.” They both came down to the bottom of the ship and sat in one singular place. “Can you hear that Mia,” said Max

No, of course not,” declared Mia in a miserable voice. Max looked out the window and he was petrified, his breathening quickened. What are you doing?” proclaimed Mia. But he did not answer. He had shot at something in the distance but he missed. “There are dragons!” shouted Max.

At that moment, Mia helped Max and they worked better and better. They both came upstairs and they never believed what happened. The ship was on fire! “Duck down,” said Max. “A fireball is heading towards us.”

“I thought dragons weren’t real.” exclaimed Mia.

As the storm floated above them, rain dripped down and the ship was safe. “No more fire,” declared the captain of the ship. Mia felt sky sick instead of sea sick. “What if it lands on someone?” he laughed. A parrot flew down on Max and twittered. Max called it Faze Jarvis. But where did Mia go …?

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