Skyship Adventures

Mandera is the only warrior to slay the dragon king Grimlock and Exparez  is the only woman warrior to slay a pavilion death stroke and a siamese short snout and heat stroke was the only fireilla (a mix between fire and a gorilla)in the world that survived a cold  war they were amando exparez fire together they were unstoppable until they met dragon 6291 he is the kings head dragon has the sharpest claws in apocalypse and he has no enemies you can figure out why. One day when they  were out on starship pain  there ship which is 100 feet long  and 50 feet wide “uuuuuurrrrrrrhhhhhhh” said heat stroke “ man i wish he could talk” explained exparez dddddzzzzzzzzz “ were going down quick get the controls” said Mandera  “ i wish it was that easy but”  said Experez “its its its”  “ is dragon 6291” they all said except heat stroke  “aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh.”

2 Responses to “Skyship Adventures”

  1. Your character names are inspired!

  2. Very good story,It was correctly puncuated etc. overall a good story

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